Friday, March 1, 2013

Hosea 8

Verse 1 sets the tone for this chapter as the picture given here is of a swift, merciless judgment that is coming. They will not see it coming and they will not know it is on its way, it will NOT be expected. BUT just as the eagle swoops in for its prey, judgment is coming to Israel and it is too late for redemption from their sin. But is it too late? Right now, YES its too late! Can they not turn from their sin and repent? Yes they can, but they have proven over and over that they are NOT going to turn away. Are they now lost forever? Absolutely not, but now is the time for judgment of their sinful actions and lives. These people we leading sinful lives and flaunting before God and they had convinced themselves that the Law did not apply to them. However, v13 is the stark realization that God is a holy and just God who will NOT tolerate sinful lives. He will act when His people are disobedient. It is similar to when we as parents become frustrated when our children misbehave. We warn them, but there comes a time (if they do not stop misbehaving) when we stop warning them and it is time for punishment. This is exactly where Israel was with God. The attitude in this chapter toward sin by the people strikes me very hard - v12 tells us that the people acted as if God's Law did not apply to them. I pray that I never reach that level of disobedience and rebellion in my heart. God, Your Word is Your standard for ALL creation, including me! God, I am Yours! I have been bought with a price! This reminds me of the letter from Paul to the church in Corinth where Paul told them that their bodies were no longer theirs but that they belonged to God because God had bought them with a 'high price' (a direct reference to the price Jesus paid on the Cross) The essence of what Paul is saying is that even though we are 'free in Christ' this does not mean we are free TO sin, but it means that we are free FROM sin and its hold on our lives! We can look to God for strength and guidance and He will deliver! God I pray that my life honors you in all I do... let my response to Your word honor You and reveal my submission, surrender and obedience toward You!

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