Friday, October 31, 2014

Big Bang Theory Christianity... Can it be what we need?

This post on my blog is NOT original to me... but I believe it is important for ALL to read...

How often do we come across to the world as awkward and out of sync? I admit our beliefs clash with MOST of the worldviews we encounter in our lives, but isn't our duty to take the message of Christ TO the world! I believe we are failing in that mission...and failing miserably. It is NOT for a lack of effort, desire or trying on the part of Christians. Christianity is filled with eager and bold witnesses that are willing to venture out into the world for their Savior. No, it is NOT our effort that is hurting us, it is our language and how we interact with those who are OUTSIDE of the church. You know, those we are called by our Savior to reach... Our interaction with the world is lacking a connective ligament... and far too often we find ourselves looking and feeling awkward and out of step to our friends/co-workers/neighbors/family members or stranger we meet on the street... all because we cannot speak a language they understand. Click on the link below and read this WONDERFUL blog about how we must learn to connect with the world:

Big God Theory

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