Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Never forget!!! This is the cry on this somber day of remembrance for our nation. On this day in 2001 our nation was shaken by a horrific terrorist attack where 3,000 innocent civilians were murdered in an act of radical Islamic Jihad. Since then, when we remember that day our cry has been to NEVER FORGET! We use that rally cry to keep our focus on vigilance for freedom and the fact that freedom is NOT free. Freedom and our way of life here in the United States is paved by the sacrifice of tens of thousands of men and women who gave their lives in defense of the liberty we proclaim! I am in complete agreement that we must NEVER FORGET that we should be vigilant in our defense of freedom and liberty among all people. We must also never forget that there are those in this world that have as their sole agenda to tear down and destroy what God has blessed us with here in our nation... FREEDOM and LIBERTY! Sadly this attack does not only come from outsiders OR in the form of terrorist attacks. We must be ever vigilant in keeping liberty and freedom in the forefront of our minds and NEVER FORGET what price we have paid to have them and what price must be paid to keep them!

From a Christian perspective this battle cry of NEVER FORGET is also tremendously germane to who we are and what our focus should be! We must never forget whom we serve! We must never forget the true enemy is NOT those we disagree with, but our enemy is the prince of this dark world! We must never forget the sacrifice Christ made for us and the grace given by God in that act of redemption! We must never forget that our calling as believers is NOT to see large numbers in the pews, but to see one soul at a time come to Christ as Savior! We must NEVER FORGET that salvation and growth in Christ after salvation has to be the focus of the church. We must NEVER FORGET that our enemy, Satan, will come against us every day in every way until such a time when God puts him down for good, but until that day, we must never forget to stay vigilant in our service to Jesus!

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